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SuperLogix helps you hire the best talent.
Reduce costs. Develop leading solutions.

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SuperLogix assembles and manages
dedicated teams of talented engineers.
Our reputation and track record inspire confidence.

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SuperLogix Partnership
We believe in establishing true partnerships with our clients
and work side by side with our clients' project teams.

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SuperLogix Results
We are results-oriented, with the goal of transforming your business
through the successful application of technology

Technology Staffing

We are a provider of technology professionals and firms of all sizes have come to rely on our consultants for various projects. We take the time to get to know our clients and our candidates.

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Team Collaboration

It is not a question of how well each process works, the question is how well they all work together.

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Global Delivery

Our Global Delivery Model helps us deliver solutions at lower costs with greater efficiency using the most advantageous mix of resources worldwide.

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SuperLogix Approach

Our clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technology managers who require deep technical expertise and a demonstrated ability to develop high-quality custom applications that achieve specific business goals.

Standard of Excellence

We focus on core competencies with best-in-class consultants and programmers. We offer for cost-effective, innovative Development, implemented by experts for which it is their core competency, enabling the success.

Reliable Software Development

SuperLogix delivers what we need when we need it. Reliability at its best without the frills.

Sam Lebaster
Winning on Service in an Uncertain Economy

Companies who build customer loyalty through exceptional service find themselves insulated against this economy. They know you can’t afford to lose customers since they cost considerably more to replace than to retain. SuperLogix's strategy and capacity to retain customers is exceptional

CEO Of a major SME (small and medium businesses), NYC